Going to the Gym (Gratitude – Day 14)

Last year at this time, I was diligently going to the gym. R and I were working out with a personal trainer and I had a great gym routine going – working out three or four times a week. I stuck it out through the New Year and well into the summer before I dropped off. Schedules changed, work got busy, and I quit my gym routine.

I also quit eating sensibly, limiting alcohol intake to weekends and lots of other healthy habits that I was practicing when I was going to the gym. Which is weird, I know. You would think that I would realize that I needed to be more careful with my food and drink intake since I wasn't working out at all.  But I'm an "all or nothing" kind of girl, so no gym routine goes hand in hand with no self control.

End result: less than satisfied with total body package. Not "fat", necessarily, just feeling unhealthy and like my clothes don't fit the way I'd like. (Also, when did I start gaining weight in my back? Not cool, 30's.)

So today, for the first time in a long time, I told A we were going to the gym. Sad, that I have to tell my 2 year old my plan so she can hold me to it. Because A likes the gym. There are other kids there, and super-awesome caregivers who think she is the cutest thing ever.

I would be lying if I said I loved every second of my workout. But I did love the feeling that I got after I was done – like I had accomplished something. I made smarter food choices than I have been and I even decided to forego my nightly glass of wine (or three). I hope I can get back into the gym routine again and try to maintain my weight through the holidays. 

Because I am thirtysomething now. My metabolism is slowing down, and dropping a quick five pounds isn't possible the way it used to be. And I want to be strong and comfortable in my skin as I get older so that A grows up with a mama who isn't self-conscious and unhappy with the way she looks. I want her to be able to love herself and know that she is beautiful; I think girls learn that first from their mamas.

Gratitude, day 14 – going to the gym. One small step toward getting back into the gym routine. (Hopefully).

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