Grandparents (Gratitude – Day Three)

This one should have been yesterday, but being a little bit behind is pretty standard for me. I found myself looking at the date – November 2 – feeling like I was missing something all day. I HATE that feeling. But I am in my thirties. There are countless dates that were important for one year in time – bachelorette parties, weddings, baby showers – and then not again.

Turns out, November 2 is not one of those days that was only important for one year. My Pepere passed away on November 2, 2001. I feel so old when I say things like this, but I will say it anyway – I cannot believe it has been eleven years. I cannot believe all the life I have lived – the best parts of my life – in those eleven years.

So today I am grateful for the opportunity to pause and reflect and miss my Pepere. And while I'm at it, my Memere, Grampy and Grammy. I feel honored to have known three of them for my entire childhood, when I really needed them. I mean that figuratively and literally. I was such a horrific baby that I am pretty sure without my Memere and Pepere driving 2 hours one way almost every day in the early days to give my mom a break, we would not have made it.

And while my Pepere was never very talkative, I think "I love you so much I will walk around this house in circles for hours on end holding you while you cry until you finally fall asleep" says a lot more than words ever could.

Or my Memere, who would cook separate breakfasts for my sister and I like a short order cook and wait on us hand and foot and take us to Stuart's for a special toy at the end of every visit. That is love.

Lastly, I am endlessly grateful that out of 14 grandchildren, I am the only one who got to dance with my Grampy on my wedding day. It was one of the highlights of my life.

I am grateful for these people who raised my parents and helped make us all who we have ended up to be. And while I would love to have had more time with all of them, it has always been comforting to know that when each of them passed I had nothing I felt I needed to say. They knew how much I loved them, and I hope they were and are proud of the mama I have turned out to be because of the things they taught me.

November 2 – a day for remembering my Pepere. (Writing it down. In my calendar. The iPhone one, so I really can't forget.)

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