Stay-At-Home Moms Vs. Working Moms

Now that I'm thirtysomething, the majority of my peer group are parents to youngish children. That means ultrasound photos on my Facebook newsfeed, sharing mommy blogs and joking (sort of) about if drinking and hands-on parenting are mutually exclusive.

It also, for moms, means defending their decision to stay at home with their kids. Or not stay home with their kids. And here's the thing about the whole "stay-at-home moms vs. working moms mompetition" – 

I don't care what you do with your kids or with your job.

I am not judging you. I don't really care why you're working…or not working…or thinking about working. And if I have to read another blog where women are defending themselves about working, or staying at home, I might scream. (I mean, aside from this one, of course.) 

I am confident that we are all doing what works best for ourselves, our kids and our families. So can we please all agree to knock it off with the mompetition where we tell each other why the choice we have made is harder than anyone elses? It is not. You know what else it is not? Anyone else's business.

If you want to, and can afford to, stay at home with your kids – you are an awesome mom. If you want to, or have to, go to work part or full time – you are an awesome mom. Stop justifying your choices and engaging in the "stay-at-home moms vs. working moms" mompetition. No one who is worth it would ever ask you to. 


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