Sweet November (Gratitude – Day Thirteen)

Gratitude is nice. But today I am grateful that November is almost halfway over, and that there is an end in sight to the gratitude postings. Because if I am being honest, I am not grateful all the time. I know I have a lot – so much more than so many others – and I like to think that I appreciate it. I love to send thank you notes and buy gifts "just because" and make my people feel loved and appreciated. 

I also like to complain. And be crabby. And the constant state of gratitude on the blog is starting to feel disingenuous. Because if you know me, you know I am not sunshine and roses all the time. Or even half the time, probably. I say please and I say thank you, but I often use four letter words in between. Loudly, sometimes.

I am grateful for this month, the opportunity to get out of my own way and start the holiday season with an "attitude of gratitude" that hopefully carries through the first of the year. 

And I am really grateful to go back to "normal" writing that feels more representative of the real me, beginning December 1. 


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