Friendly Neighbors (Gratitude – Day 15)

This morning was not a good morning. The kids were up too early, I was up too late because R was coughing all night and then up too early with them. I was relatively confident that today would be "Phoning it In (Gratitude – Day 15)" aka the day where I say how generically grateful I am because I am tired and crabby and a constant "attitude of gratitude" doesn't fit on me for an entire month.

But somehow, we got ready for school, and we got in the car on time. My coffee even made it – thankyoujesusandalsomyhusband. We were okay, but kind of blah.  Oh, and I didn't yell. That much. Tiny gratitude.

And then I pulled out onto the main road, and I saw this lady and her husband and their dogs, and I immediately smiled. Because I know them. Okay, I don't really know them, but they are my friendly neighbors. They wave to every single car that drives by with these huge smiles on their faces. Like you are their best friend, and you made their morning by driving by. They are that enthusiastic. 

When we first moved here, I would see that friendly neighbor woman and her dog, and when she would wave I would think:

  • "Does she think she knows me?" followed by
  • "Um, is she crazy?" and then
  • "I don't care, I kind of like her. I'm waving back!"

And then one day, I saw her with her husband (man-friend, whatever), who turned out to be just as enthusiastic of a smiler and waver and I smiled and waved even bigger in return. Because I was all "oh my gosh, my friendly (possibly crazy) neighbor lady has a lobster! He loves her so much that they have set out on this wild smiling waving mission together. That. Is. Love." 

I think they aren't really crazy at all. Maybe a bit eccentric. But I think they are making the world better. I think they are AWESOME. Because I can't even tell you how many mornings I am in a terrible mood before I drive by my friendly neighbors and they turn my day around. And I am just one person who travels that road every morning. I bet they are making lots of people's day better, lots of times per week. 

And that, my friends, is a TRUE "attitude of gratitude." My friendly neighbors are living it. So today – and lots of other days – I am grateful for my slightly eccentric friendly neighbors. They totally rock.