Girls Being Girls

I was watching A in her ballet class last week, and the way she interacts with the teacher and her friends. We were a little bit late, so her arrival was a little disruptive. Mostly because she ran into the middle of the floor yelling, "HIIIIIIII!" As if they had all been waiting for her arrival at that very moment.

The ballet class is for the littlest ballerinas – 2-3 year olds – and every week I love to watch the little girls being little girls. Their teacher is amazing, and has the patience and grace of a saint. 

This week, I noticed A when she walked up to one of the girls and said "do you like my dress? Isn't it beautiful?" And the other little girl said "ooooh, it is beautiful. I like the sparkles." Then they kept dancing – girls being girls.

That little moment took my breath away, because in that moment, A asked for exactly the result she wanted. She wanted someone to notice her beautiful tutu, and when no one did she asked. 

How old are we when we stop asking our people for what we need from them? 

I cannot even count the number of times I have gone out of my way to do something special and the person I was making the effort for did not notice. Instead of calling their attention to it, I let my feelings get hurt and then I feel bad for being so silly.

I wonder how it would feel if I just said "hey honey, did you notice that I xyz for you this morning?" Maybe I would feel like I was fishing for a compliment, but at least I wouldn't feel like the effort was wasted. And maybe the next time, that person would realize that I was looking for acknowledgement and give it right away. Mission accomplished.

I love A's confidence and her little voice and actions saying "pay attention to me, I am a really big deal." I want to encourage her to keep that going for as long as I can, because I think a lot of us lose that ability, and ourselves, along the way. Somewhere between three and thirtysomething, we lose it and stop asking for what we need.

Keep up the good work, little girl. I will always think you are the biggest deal.