Grandparents, In-Laws (Gratitude: Day 17)

Today I am grateful for my in-laws, the kids' grandparents. My mother-in-law has a special gift for recognizing the importance of R and I taking a break from the kids from time to time. So this weekend, she offered to pick the kids up on Friday afternoon and keep them for us until Sunday afternoon when we come up for an early Thanksgiving dinner.

I appreciate taking a break, but what makes it really feel like a break is that my kids adore their grandparents. They love staying at the lake and eating blueberry pancakes for every meal and wearing pajamas all day while they watch Spongebob Squarepants (Nina's house, Nina's rules). They love having their grandparents' undivided attention and rarely, if ever, hearing the word "no." 

From the time the kids leave to the time we pick them up, I don't have to worry whether they are having a good time or if they are missing me. I already know the answers – yes and no, respectively. No mommy guilt over taking a break, because they are on their own break from me. 

I could write thousands and thousands of words about my in-laws and the things they do for us and how grateful we are and it still would not scratch the surface. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words, like this picture of A when her Nina arrived at the house to pick her up one day – 

That pure joy, love and adoration? That is how we all feel about the kids' grandparents. Sometimes two year olds are just so much better at expressing things than the rest of us.