Best Friends & Orange Soda (Gratitude – Day 16)

First thing's first – this is a judgement-free zone. So don't, you know, judge me.

Okay. Now. K and I have been looking forward to the new Twilight movie since the last one came out a year ago. It has been a long time. Strangely, our husbands do not share our enthusiasm or want to rush out to see it on opening weekend. Weird. 

I think we actually saw the last one – I know I did, anyway – alone. But that isn't fun and it feels kind of sad. So this time, we picked a movie theater halfway between our houses, enlisted our husbands to watch the tiny humans and saw it together. On opening day. With a bunch of other 30 and 40 something ladies and a handful of teenagers playing hooky. Best movie date ever.

And as if watching my favorite movie series with my best friend wasn't enough, she even went to get the snacks. When she returned to our seats, she was carrying a giant orange soda and a box of  Sno Caps – best movie theater snacks ever. Best friend ever.

So today I am grateful for my best friend and that she knows my favorite movie theater snacks. That is one of the only things about aging that I enjoy – as I get older, she gets older and our friendship gets older. And it seems more and more important to hold onto my people, especially the ones who knew me before I was a wife and a mama. 

I hope sometime in the next year or so (here we go New Year's Resolutions!) to take more time out from being a wife and mama to connect with my people as people. As the people we were and are separate from our tiny humans. It is important. Taking a break is important.